Vintage Text

Giving it another try. The theme will run for two weeks, April 1-15. Have fun.

14 Responses

  1. Mine is obviously above, but I’ll link to my blog where it’s also posted.


  2. Sorry for being not creative last weeks….
    My Moos are here:

  3. Hello all,
    my MOO is on my blog.

  4. Hier ist mein Beitrag

    Danke für’s Schauen!

  5. Finally had the time to do some creativity.
    Here are my Moo’s:

  6. The last challenge wasn´s the right one for me, sorry. But this week it´s a nice theme for us.

  7. Great theme! Fantastic to see you up and running with new themes again. My entry is on my blog, thanks for looking.

  8. A great theme – here is my moo:
    my blog

  9. Great theme – here you can find my very first moo:
    Moo-Vintage Script

  10. Saw the thema just yesterday and got inspired!
    Made 3 vintage text moo’s. Did not do this for a long time. I missed it!! Its fun.


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