Robots and Rocket Ships Sampler

Thank you to Angela for taking part. I’m disappointed that no one else did. I thought it would be a fun challenge.

Donelda also took part (just a bit late) so I’m adding one of her moo’s to the sampler. Thanks Donelda!

4 Responses

  1. oh, I love this one! I have been so disorganized I can’t seem to follow a challenge because I get so distracted. I love seeing all the moo’s though!

  2. I can’t believe I was the only person to take part in this one! Still, it’s one way of ensuring my moo is featured in the gallery I suppose (LOL). Look forward to the next challenge.

  3. I LOVE your Moo, Angela. Robots are one of my fav themes, but I just found this challenge, LOL.

  4. This has been such a wonderful idea, Angela! Usually getting ideas is not my problem, but this theme has been so difficult – one more reason to adore your card!

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