No more challenges….

I want to thank Nellie once again for allowing me the opportunity to keep this challenge site alive. However, there aren’t enough people taking part, either because they’re too busy, there are too many challenge sites, or the themes simply aren’t interesting enough.

I know that some people have felt too challenged by the offered themes, but in my mind that is the whole point of an artistic challenge. It’s to stretch the imagination, to step outside of our comfort zone, and to try something we may not have normally tried.

I attempted to come up with challenges with that in mind, and also to come up with themes that hadn’t been done or overdone before. Sadly, it just isn’t enough.

I appreciate (and want to thank) those of you who took part in the few challenges I listed. And though I’ll miss the venue, I won’t miss the stress of trying to come up with a theme that I think everyone will like and take part in. I knew it was a chancy proposition to take this on, but I had to try.

If there is anyone who would like to take over where I’ve left off, I’m sure that Nellie would be more than happy to work out the arrangements with you.

Thanks again to those who stuck it out. It was a fun ride while it lasted.🙂


Since this is a two week challenge and Easter will have passed in that time, I’ve chosen that as our theme. Show us your Easter moo’s, using flowers, bunnies, Easter baskets, however you care to interpret Easter.

This challenge will run until the 29th. Have fun, and see you then.

Vintage Text

Giving it another try. The theme will run for two weeks, April 1-15. Have fun.

No new theme this week….

Please check back in a week or so.

Robots and Rocket Ships Sampler

Thank you to Angela for taking part. I’m disappointed that no one else did. I thought it would be a fun challenge.

Donelda also took part (just a bit late) so I’m adding one of her moo’s to the sampler. Thanks Donelda!

Robots and Rocket Ships

Our theme for this week is Robots and Rocket Ships. Let’s take a trip into space. This theme could be done steampunk style, or any number of ways (think Jetson’s, Lost in Space, Jules Verne).

Beep boop (have fun!)

This challenge will run for two weeks – March 4-18.

School Days Sampler